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Shared mobility. The word that often floats around in transportation, urban planning, congestion, and autonomous vehicle conversations. The industry that grew from local co-operatives and now involves OEM-investments. In short, shared mobility is changing the way people choose to move. Instead of just being a transportation option, it is being highlighted as how people should be getting around.

There are many good reasons to adopt shared mobility – it puts the full costs of transportation into perspective and makes people more aware of other non-personal vehicle options like walking, biking, and taking public transit. If people are going to forego a personal vehicle, then they need options, which is why scooter sharing has grown exponentially, dockless bikesharing has supplemented station-based bikesharing, and transportation aggregator apps are on the rise.

The car was for a long time, and for many people still is, a guarantee of freedom. But the development of the multi-faceted new mobility landscape gives urban dwellers a wide variety of shared mobility options. Ownership has become more of an option instead of a necessity for users who want and/or need to use individual transport options. The innovations of the past three decades are offering a new freedom, from stationary car sharing to free floating kick scooter sharing.