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The best solution for parking protection

2020-05-06 11:26:51
An ever-expanding scenario
It was a hard day at work and you are just waiting to get home and relax.
Sitting in the car and driving the shortest way home, dreaming about resting and watching your favourite series.
You are approaching parking lot and have something to see. Although marked, someone is in your parking place without your permission and you are losing your valuable time to find another parking lot. Day ruined.

Unfortunately, this is a well-known feeling for many. The problem of finding a parking spot is growing and the problem of protection of the parking lot is just getting bigger. The world is changing fast. Cities are becoming overpopulated and crowds are inevitable.
As residential buildings are growing, the number of parking spaces for their tenants stagnates. Such problems come together with urbanization processes. Therefore, the need for a private parking lot becomes more and more important, but the question arises – how to protect my parking space?

The guardian of the parking lot – the guardian of your mental health
Shortage of parking places in cities results with challenge to keep other vehicles away from parking at the place that belongs to you.
Parking spaces for business buildings, properties and apartments without a garage are open and exposed to other vehicles that do not have parking permits, to secretly sneak and take your place.
Your best option is to keep and protect this place is to get some type of parking protection.
It will prevent these situations filled with stresses and frustrations.
Parking guards are efficient solutions for protecting and securing private and reserved parking places.
They are more and more widely used in the protection of public and private parking spaces due to simplicity, safety and quality. There are several types of parking guard and here we will talk about 3 types, namely:

Parking ramps
Parking ramps are used for small and large parking spaces placed at the entrance of the parking lot of residential and business buildings, public areas, hospitals, hotels and similar facilities. The ramp looks like a rod or bar that is connected to the control point and descends from the vertical to the horizontal position to block the entrance to the vehicles. It can serve as an entrance to the garage, for payment of parking lots, or any other public places.
Parking ramps are designed to be resistant to all weather conditions and to have a modern look. They can be controlled with remote controls, pushbuttons, contactless cards, detectors etc. The automatic ramps are powered by different technologies, but most often they are electro-mechanical precisely because of the long-lasting nature. Other technologies depend on different manufacturers. Engines of ramps running at 24 V DC currents can work continuously without creating heat and are suitable for frequent use. For one direction of movement and one exit from the garage, the permeable power is 250 to 300 cars per hour.

Parking bollards
It is interesting fact that parking bollards have been used as safety traffic devices since the 18th century and the first ones were built in London. At the beginning the pillars were used to tie boats and ships and were made of old cannon tubes. Because of their weight and strength, they kept all types of vessels safe. Soon they began to be used on land where they were located around different facilities that were considered worthy but prone to external damage because of moving vehicles like horse drawn. Then they used the largest and hardest trunk buried in the ground and placed at the entrances of buildings and other objects.
Today parking bollards have become quite sophisticated and more appealing than before when they were made of trunks and old rusty cannons. Now you can get various types depending on your needs, application, additional options, and protection ratio. Bollards become popular choice for many standard and specialized situations, some of which are:
– Bollards for traffic routing
– Protective bollards
– Parking bollards for marking parking areas
– Lighting tracks

Parking barriers
Parking barriers are used for multiple purposes. As mentioned before, they keep the other vehicles away from where they are not allowed to park and thus protect the area of ​​the parking lot. The good thing about parking barriers is that they are easier to control than other parking guards. Let’s say if you have the guests, you can let them park in your place and give them mechanical locks to unlock the barrier.
Barriers are similar to parking bollards, but they have sophistication that gives them character. Parking barriers are made of solid and high-quality materials that last for a long time and provide reliable protection of the place. The exterior is designed to withstand various shocks and collisions, and it has a resistance to radical changes in temperature, either low or high, as well as moisture resistance. Some barriers need to be manually adjusted, but there are also those that work remotely and have an alarm if someone is touching the barrier itself.

Nowadays, in the age of ever-growing urbanization, it is harder to find, not to mention secure, private parking space. That is why you absolutely need some kind of parking guard.
– Parking ramps are the best solution for larger parking spaces and they are ideal for residential and other facilities that have a garage. It is important to choose an appropriate ramp for longevity and stability because practically everyone depends on that ramp which is also the weakest point.
– Parking bollards are easy to set up and offer solid protection from unauthorized parking, and their look and design are perhaps the most dynamic of all because they can be transformed into any desired shape and fit well into the landscape. However, those bollards used to protect parking spaces are not strong enough to withstand shocks and collisions, and do not provide sufficient security for all situations.
– Parking barriers, especially those that work automatically or remotely, are perhaps most suitable for most situations because they offer simplicity and a high level of safety because they are made of solid materials to withstand all kinds of external shocks and elemental disadvantages.

There is a product on the market that combines all the above-mentioned features required for the best protection of parking spaces – Omni Smart Parking Barrier or lock.

As ramps provide the possibility of controlling larger parking areas, the Omni barrier also provides the same control when installed to the entrance and multiple users can control it with their smartphone.
While the parking bollards have an easy setup, the Omni Barrier is also easily fixed to the ground and it takes a total of 5 minutes to install it on the desired surface.
Parking barriers are convenient because they enable remote control, but Omni barriers provide much more.

Omni barrier or lock has a modern design and unique functions – the barrier is smartphone controlled and resistant to external influences. Aside from protecting your own parking space, Omni offers a unique ability to send temporary digital keys to your family or any guests who want to park temporarily in your parking place, it is solar powered and can automatically close when vehicle departs. Omni smart barrier is a parking innovation that follows modern development and trends.