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Some pro-activeness in the world is raising coronavirus protective gear for doctors staff

2020-03-26 13:59:52
The nationwide race to supply doctors and nurses treating COVID-19 patients with sufficient protective gear is getting a big assist from a couple of local students.

Siblings William and Athena Wu so far have raised around $1,900 on a GoFundMe page benefiting UMass Memorial health care workers.

“I realized when schools were shutting down that the coronavirus was pretty serious,” said William, 14, a freshman at Shrewsbury High School. “I really wanted to help out the community.”

After calling a few doctors, William said, he began to realize the greatest need locally was protective wear like masks, respirators, face shields and gloves. He connected with Liz Parker Gagne, UMass’s leadership giving officer, and set up the GoFundMe page, “Covid-19 Fundraiser for UMass Memorial Doctors.”

According to Wiliam, the account provides donations directly to doctors and nurses working in the UMass system.

“We’ve always believed it’s really important not just to protect patients, but also those fighting on the front lines” against the coronavirus, said Athena, 18, a senior at Shrewsbury High.

Masks are their biggest priority” right now, William said; respirators in particular are in short supply.

The Wus’ efforts are part of a regionwide campaign in recent days led by colleges, schools, businesses, and other organizations to donate protective gear to local hospitals to replace their depleting stockpiles.