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Smart Bluetooth changes the world in N ways

2018-05-11 17:31:22
In recent years,with the rapid development of Bluetooth,Bluetooth will be applied to more intelligent industries.It is also known as "smart Bluetooth" or "low-power Bluetooth."Through BLE,Bluetooth can work with minimal power.After a single charge,the battery can last for months or even years.Currently,Apple IOS and Android have already supported Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology,and low-power ecosystems have gradually taken shape.With the launch of Smart Lock that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality,Omni Smart Bluetooth Locks are used in smart transportation and smart home applications.Mainly include:smart home,smart cycling,smart parking management,smart personal products and other artificial intelligent hardware and APP,server program, backstage management system.The Smart Bluetooth connection technology will play a vital role in the implementation of vehicle communication connections and smart home communication connections,including pairing/binding,establishing connections,and data communication.As Bluetooth technology continues to mature,various Bluetooth products will deepen people's lives,change people's lives and work methods,and greatly improve people's quality of life.

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