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Omni Hidden Keyless Cabinet Lock - A Bluetooth-based Concealed Furniture Lock Control Device

2018-05-09 18:18:52
With the improvement of home and office conditions and the increase in commercial housing,the market for furniture locks and office locks is increasing.At present,all kinds of drawer locks,wardrobe locks,luggage locks,cabinet locks,stationery cabinet locks,bathroom locks,safe locks and other furniture,office locks are in great demand.These locks are closely related to the real estate industry,furniture industry, property management and other industries.There will be more kinds of locks and consumers will have higher quality requirements on locks.As the lock industry in the world is investing in high-tech locks year by year,the market demand for high-end locks has also increased.In particular,the demand for high-end locks in developed countries is extremely strong.As the high-end locks have a high technical content and are more humanized and personalized.In addition,with the rapid replacement of lock products,a hidden drawer lock of this product will emerge in the lock field and gradually become the mainstream in locks.

Omni Hidden Bluetooth Cabinet Door Lock is a completely concealed structure,its application is safe and convenient,through the Bluetooth mobile phone on the cabinet door lock switch control,can change the password at any time and check historical data at any time.Which can be used for home,office,etc. Security door control and management in the field.