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Sharing bike in Singapore

2017-11-11 17:45:13
Convergence "Internet + Transport" concept, sharing bike rapid development in Singapore in early 2017. Earlier this year, China's sharing bike company OFO took the lead in entering the Singapore market. Subsequently, the motorbike also announced that it will provide a shared bicycle service in Singapore. The two companies began sharing oBike with Singapore to compete for market share, initially forming a "tripartite confrontation" situation.

All three companies provide a "no pile" shared bicycle service. The user can determine the cycling position through the mobile App, and unlock the code. The bicycle can park in any public area that is allowed to park without fixed pickup and return points. At present, there are already thousands of shared bicycles in operation in Singapore. In metro stations, schools, parks and other places where there is a strong demand, the operating companies put a relatively large number of shared bicycles. To encourage people to use sharing bike, the three companies offer free trial cycle activities in the weekends