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Will you choice a bike sharing to travel after Paris announcement of the 2030 ban on fuel cars

According to the press release, the Paris City Hall announced that it plans to ban the banning of gasoline and fuel-driven cars in this most visited city in the world from 2030 onwards.

Before the announcement, the French government said it planned to completely stop the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2040 and achieve a carbon balance by 2050.

Christophe Najdovski, Vice Mayor of Paris in charge of transport, said: "This is a long-term plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." "Transport is one of the major sources of greenhouse gases ... So we are planning to phase out ICE cars by 2030 , Or fossil energy vehicles. "

Paris will host the Olympics in the summer of 2024 and host the latest global climate change conference. The French capital is already watching the deadline for diesel vehicles in the capital.

At present, many countries around the world have proposed a timetable for banning fuel trucks, including France, Germany, India, Norway and the Netherlands.

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