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What is the Principle of Bicycle Rear Light?

Omni Original 2023-02-08 11:52:58

What's the principle of bicycle rear light?

The principle of bicycle rear light is a typical application of light reflection.Bicycle rear light is used to protect cyclists at night.By reflecting eye-catching red light,motor vehicle drivers will notice non-motor vehicles,which is conducive to safety and the traffic.

Since the lights of the car are bright at night,the bicycle cyclists "borrow"the light from the cars for safety from wasting electricity.The question is,how to "borrow"?

We know that you can see yourself in the mirror when you are facing the mirror,and you can also make the light emitted by the flashlight coincide with the reflected light when you look at the mirror vertically with a flashlight.

But in real life,isn't it too difficult to aim a reflector back at the driver's face in order to get the car driver to notice you?


bicycle rear light


We need bicycle rear light.

So to put it simply,the bicycle rear light is a slightly complicated reflector system,which is composed of small chambers arranged in an orderly manner.Each small chamber has a reflective surface set at about 90 degrees,so that it does not need to face the reflective surface.It is also possible to reflect the light back to the original drection as much as possible.

The problem is that the reflection only uses part of the light energy.Is the light energy reflected back to the driver's eyes not enough?

So I thought of the total reflection of light.The light first enters the large refractive index plastic structure filled with small chamber,and the reflection in the small chamber meets the requirements of the incident angle of total reflection.When the light direction is changed,total reflection occurs.Reduce the loss of light energy when "turning".


smart bike tail light


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