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Omni Keyless Cabinet Locks Make You No Longer Worry About Office Security

Omni Original 2023-02-08 17:20:16

Why we need keyless cabinet locks?

Today in 2023,when Starting a Business has become the first choice for more and more young people.A lot of start-ups and small,medium and micro enterprises came out.The important information and confidential documents are placed in the offices and there is a rish of loss and theft,but people don't want to be a porter every day,and there is a risk of loss if they carry the belongings with them.Facing this trouble,Omni keyless cabinet locks can help. 

One piece of equipement can easily eliminate potential safety hazards.Omni keyless cabinet locks can be installed inside drawers or cabinets without opening or exposure.It is not only easy to install,does not damage office equipment,and does not look like a special safety equipment.It's low-key and safe.


keyless cabinet locks


What can keyless cabinet locks can do?

The keyless cabinet lock can be controlled remotely through the MOBILE APP.When you are not in the company and your colleagues need documents urgently,you can also authorize the key through the APP to remotely open the smart cabinet lock.

And you can check the status of the keyless cabinet locks at any time,and the unlocking records are well known to ensure that the important files and materials inside are safe.

If you are in a hurry to leave,you are not afraid that the keyless cabinet locks will not be locked.You only need to turn on the automatic locking function,and it will be automatically locked within a specified period of time.

In addition to offices,Omni smart keyless cabinet locks are also applicable to other places and more groups of people.


And what are other places and people?

People who stay with children.

Every year,many children accidently ingest drugs and cause life risk.Therefore,for families with children,they need more safe home environment,and the dangerous items such as drugs and alcohol need to be properly stored.Storage,through Omni keyless cabinet locks,can effectively acheive precise prevention,help parents reduce safety hazards at home,and give children a healthy and safe place to grow up.

House for rent.

With the rise of characteristic culture of renting house,renting homeowners have become a new profession.With the help of Omni keyless cabinet locks,homeowners can clearly divide public areas and private spaces to ensure the safety of personal belongings.


keyless cabinet lock


Omni keyless cabinet locks are developed with the design aesthetics that Omni has always pursued,which is simple design,pure color,and small size.For the functions,it also endows the product with beauty in use,occupies the smallest space,and achieves the greatest security.Starting with the details,it demonstrates Omni's comprehensive consideration of smart home's security.