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Electric Bike Lock is the Core Technology for Sharing Electric Bike

Omni Original 2023-08-07 14:24:17

  Sharing economy is super popular now,we all know that and don’t need to say more about it.First,there are shared bicycles,sharing electric bikes and then shared charging treasures,shared washing machines,shared cars,sharing electric scooters and shared children’s strollers.Today we are going to talk about shared electric bikes.People ride sharing electric bike almost every day,and sometimes I wonder how the smart lock of shared electric bikes is realized?Is it difficult to make a smart lock for sharing electric bike?

Now let Omni give you a popular science about what is an electric bike lock?What kind of help can electric bike locks provide for sharing electric bike?


electric bike lock


  The smart lock is the most popular and important part for sharing electric bike.

  More and more rental electric bikes are emerging in different countries and cities.OFO and Mobike,the top brands of ride share companies,are undoubtedly the focus of attention.OFO uses a common combination lock,and the strategy of mass distribution is obvious,while some sharing electric bikes are equipped with smart lock which is with GPRS unlocking and GPS positioning is more expensive than OFO electric bikes in terms of cost.

  Through news reports,we all know that there are some criticisms of sharing electric bikes.One-third of the electric bikes put into the market by these brands have become private ebikes.Why? Because the electric bikes of these brands are not equipped with GPS tracking system,and the password of each ebike is fixed,once you unlock it,write down the password,you can bypass the App to unlock it,and use it permanently,so it easily becomes personal vehicles,result in loss.The platform cannot grasp the information of electric bikes at all,and it is impossible to do a good job in the follow-up maintenance of ebikes.

  On the contrary,sharing electric bikes equipped with smart locks have GPS tracking and an independent SIM card,which can not only monitor the position of the ebikes,but also facilitate the quantification and accumulation of data in the future.In the follow-up operation,the location and frequency of frequent use of electric bikes can be analyzed according to the data.


smart lock


  Evolution of the electric bike lock method

  1,SMS unlock

  2,GPRS unlock

  3,GPRS and Bluetooth unlock

  4,Sharing electric bike battery life problem

  The battery life of the sharing electric bike has not been optimistic.After the expenses,each ebike needs to be established a TCP/IP connection with the background server,maintain communication through the heartbeat packet,and return the synchronized positioning information to the server.Real-time positioning is undoubtedly necessary.Using GSM+GPS for 24-hour monitoring consumes a lot of power.

  Electric bike batteries and power generation

  How big a battery does a sharing electric bike need to maintain normal operation?Here are a few things to consider:the electric bike battery must be rechargeable;the size of the battery should not be too large;and the cost of the battery should be minimized.We think about this question,what to do if the fleet ebikes is out of power,and how to charge after the ride share services.At first,Mobike used the method of cycling to generate electricity,and later it used solar energy to charge.


electric bike lock system


  Electric bike lock body itself

  Electric bike lock,as a smart lock for rental ebikes,are very important,as you can see from the news,"Primary school students smashed and drove shared ebikes randomly","Shared electric bikes were damaged and failed in a large area",etc..These are all due to the electric bike lock itself,and the lock body should be anti-theft and the waterproof and anti-aging material also needs to add sensors,which can effectively prevent others from vandalizing.

  Platform of sharing electric bike 

  The core of rental ebikes is electric bike locks,and the backend behind it is its soul.Compared with the problems mentioned above,the construction of cloud platform is a world of difference.Many smart locks of sharing electric bikes are from manufacturers.A large number of batches come in,so the problem of smart locks is easy to solve,but it is more difficult to solve the cloud platform for people and vehicles.