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OBL1 Bluetooth Smart Bike LockOBL1 Bluetooth Smart Bike LockOBL1 Bluetooth Smart Bike LockOBL1 Bluetooth Smart Bike Lock

OBL1 Bluetooth Smart Bike Lock

  • Brand Name:Omni
  • Model Number:OBL1(B model)
  • Outside Size:196*150*65(+3mm)
  • Weight:1.2KG
  • Machine structure modle:horseshoe shape
  • Material:Zinc/aluminum Alloy + ABS silicone
  • Communication:Bluetooth
  • SIM card:single SIM card
  • Battery capacity:6000maH/ 8000mAh
  • Waterproof:IP67
Bluetooth bike lock for bike share program and bicycle rental service

Omni OBL1
Bluetooth Smart Bike Lock is a cost-effective and secure bike-sharing solution development. Sharing bicycle basic use of Bluetooth smart bike lock,the Bluetooth lock is a kind of electronic lock, which chip is equipped with GPS positioning module, GSM communication module (part of the car lock is not), Bluetooth connection, and mobile phones, cloud server three interconnection, common control lock lock state.

Main Features

1. Cutting-edge and unique design
 The design of the lock takes into account the style. Smooth surfaces and soft edges, with horseshoe design, different color choices, better with your bike. This is a rare combination of the brain and beauty.

2.Efficient unlocking
 BLE technology ensures efficient and reliable unlocking

3. Secure and reliable
 It is able to withstand inclement weather conditions. The internal components are sealed and weatherproofed inside a plastic compartment. The electronics and battery can also operate under an extended temperature range.

4. GPS Positioning System
 Receive GPS satellite signal. Faster searching and locating speed realizes more accurate bike locating.

5. Geo-fence
 Create a virtual barrier that is created by using the GPS to define geographical boundaries.

6. Stable and Durable Hardware
 Advanced manufacturing technique and severe temperature tests ensure its durability. The locks look factory-fresh even after 600+ hours salt spray tests and 100,000 times unlocking tests.

7. Long battery life
 With 8000mAh Li battery and intelligent power management, it can work constantly for nearly 60 days and perform 10,0000 lock/unlock operations.

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