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MAX IoT Device for Sharing ScootersMAX IoT Device for Sharing ScootersMAX IoT Device for Sharing ScootersMAX IoT Device for Sharing Scooters

MAX IoT Device for Sharing Scooters

  • Brand:Omni
  • Max IoT device for sharing scooter
  • Built-in auto unlocking and locking system
  • Built-in gps tracking system for sharing scooter
  • Equipped with instrument board
  • Equipped functional press buttons
  • Equipped with geo-fence technology
  • Equipped with alarming technology
  • Communication:4G,GPS,Bluetooth
  • Size:134.6*64.5*36.1mm
  • SIM card:GPRS,4G

MAX IoT Device Equipped as Intelligent Electric Scooter Lock GPS Tracking System for Sharing Scooter Monitoring


IoT device is an intelligent tool which is built-in IoT technology which we can call intelligent electric scooter lock with alarm.In contrast,current IoT device owns much more intelligence than old scooter lock.

It is built-in geo-fence technology,gps tracking system,instrument board for scooter's status of speed and power,press buttons for automatic unlocking,connecting with specific smartphone APP to indicate vehicle's status including riding speed,power,notifications etc..

No worry again about missing scooters after sharing scooter business launched.The IoT device is built-in advanced IoT technology supports 4G technology for the high-precision positioning so scooter owners can take care of their vehicles everywhere at any time.

QR code will be put on IoT device so there's an easy-operated display board so riders just scan to ride using the smartphone APP.

The IoT device will control the status of vehicles and report to server,so sharing scooter companies can check if needed.No manually working again.


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