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Smart Lock Intelligent QR Code Bicycle GPS Alarm Bike Lock With GPRS Control AppSmart Lock Intelligent QR Code Bicycle GPS Alarm Bike Lock With GPRS Control AppSmart Lock Intelligent QR Code Bicycle GPS Alarm Bike Lock With GPRS Control AppSmart Lock Intelligent QR Code Bicycle GPS Alarm Bike Lock With GPRS Control App

Smart Lock Intelligent QR Code Bicycle GPS Alarm Bike Lock With GPRS Control App

  • Product Name:OGG1(chain model)
  • Brand:Omni
  • Material:Aluminium alloy
  • Size:196*150*65mm(±3mm)
  • Unit Weight: 1.2KG
  • Color:Black,Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue
  • Battery:Li-polymer battery
  • Working time(Full charging:Riding5-10 times every day):2-3months(Optional)
  • Standby time:5-12months(Optional)
  • Power consumption:2~3 mA
  • Unlock Method:GPRS or Bluetooth
Bicycle Sharing System Bike GPS Smart Lock

GPS smart locks (GPS+GPRS),could be unlocked by mobile APP,backend management system control,or SMS command. Scan the QR code via the mobile APP;upload the position and power status by GPRS;mobile APP transfer the data to server;the server send unlock command to the GPS smart lock,or the backend management system unlock via GPS remote control or via SMS command.

 Product Name  OGG1(chain model)  Unlock Method  GPRS 
 Brand  Omni  GPS  Equipped with GSM communication network, through base station, GPS, precision positioning
 Material  Aluminium alloy  GPRS band  GSM850Mhz, EGSM900Mhz, DCS1800Mhz,PCS1900Mhz
 Size  196*150*65mm(±3mm)  GPRS  Data communication, support SMS Control
 Unit Weight  1.2KG  Alarm  Shake, shock,move or vibrate alarm
 Color  Black,Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue  Led light  Red,Blue
 Battery  Li-polymer battery  Protection Grade  IP67
 Working time  2-3months(Optional)  Storage Temperature  -40 - +85℃
 Standby time  5-12months(Optional)  Work Temperature  -20 - +65℃
 Power consumption  2~3 mA  Humidity  5%-95%RH

 Basic Feature       Vehicle status management  Vehicle number, vehicle status, delivery time, use time, number of times, number of repairs, etc.
 Power monitoring  
 GSM traffic monitoring  
 Vehicle trajectory  
 Lock position  
 Unlock  GPRS network unlock  
 Unlock Mode
 Sweep code unlock  
 Vehicle Use  Reservation vehicle, nearby vehicle search  
 Vehicle Fault Handling  Fault reporting, fault repair  
 Electronic Fence    Advertising fence  
 Operating fence  
 Parking fence  
 Charging Mode   5V / 1A calorie charge  (Optional) 
 Solar charge
 Remote Upgrade  Support wireless upgrade through phone  
 Order Management  Deposit order, recharge order, bike order  
 Abnormal Management  Over the surrounding vehicles, maintenance vehicles list  
 Operation and Management
 User fault feedback, illegal reporting, abnormal alarm list  

Q: How to become Omni’s distributor?

A: Distributor shall have related resources of product,market,customer,and technical support engineer.A specific Annual Sales shall be negotiated and confirmed by signing agency agreement between both parties.

Q: OEM, ODM Service is available?

A: If MOQ=1KPCS,could offer customers ODM&OEM products,better support and service.

Q: How about lead-time for bulk quantity?

A: Usually it takes about 2 weeks.

Q: Compared with peer competitors,what is the advantage of Omni?

A:  a. Focus on production.From product R&D,production to testing adopt high standards, strictly control the quality of products to ensure that they reach the top level.
   b. New products available continuously, with strong R&D team of 40 engineers.
   c. Mature experience & Strong ODM& OEM service.
   d. Delivery on time, it is lower than 5% delay delivery in the past 10 years.
   e. Good technical support,online & onsite technical support in time.

Q: What are solutions of Omni?

A: We provide solutions such as sharing bike lock system,sharing parking system,E-bike smart system.

Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Lianchuang Technical Zone,a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D,production and sales of intelligent transportation series and smart home products,integrating hardware and software development.Omni products has been popular in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Omni insists on the faith of technology creation,product update,professional service.provide the highest quality products and services for the global smart transportation market and smart home market.

● More than 30 inventions and related patents
● More than 40 R&D technicians
● More than 4,000 square meters for office and production site
● Hardware + Software + Production one-stop customization service

Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd


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