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What is the function of the smart bike lock of Public bike rental?

Omni Original 2023-03-15 15:47:51

Smart bike lock is a main tool for bikeshare and rental electric bike.


When many people ride shared bicycles,they find it very convenient.Pick up the mobile phone and scan the QR code,and the lock will be automatically unlocked,and then they can ride by themselves.Then they naturally know that the smart bike lock is the main tool to control shared bicycles,but in fact,the smart bike lock in the entire public bicycle sharing system is not as simple as everyone sees.


The importance of smart bicycle lock


First of all,the smart bike lock is indeed the most core tool in the entire bike sharing system,because building the entire bike sharing system really depends on a very good smart lock.With a smart lock,you need to build your own servers and backstages.A complete set of processes including developing or customzing applications,building an agreement with the smart lock,can realize the so-called scanning code to unlock and ride the sharing bikes.

Now most industrial areas or scenic spots want to build their own public bicycle sharing system.In addition to looking for suitable bicycles,they also need to find a more reliable smart bike lock supplier and a complete set of customized bicycle sharing solutions.Only then can the final complete bike sharing system be implemented.


smart bike lock


The deveopment of smart bike lock

Do you still remember when ride sharing services appeared? How are rental bikes and e-bikes unlocked? At the beginning,it's manually to switch to unlock,and now it's to scan the QR code to unlock the sharing bicycles.The ride sharing services are developing and the technology is also advancing.Next,let's see what changes have occurred in smart bike locks.


When the initial OFO shared bicycles appeared,it was necessary to download the bike sharing app and pay a deposit.For us at that time,deposit was a bit expensive.After scanning the code through the APP,we obtained the password the password of the shared bicycle lock,and then dialed it.For the combination lock of the small yellow bikes,dial the received combination correctly to align with the position of the yellow pointer,and then press the button above the lock to unlock it.It is cumbersome to operate like this,the lock is prone to accidents,and the maintenance cost is also high. 


smart bicycle lock


After that,although it was changed to "button to unlock", but the technology is lacking,and the lock was of man-made damage,there's no profit.So far,OFO has declared bankruptcy,and OFO's small yellow bike is hardly seen in the streets and alleys.


Then there is GPRS for the unlocking,which is directly transmitted by the server through GPRS and 3G traffic,which is much more convenient in terms of operation,but this unlocking way is very dependent on the signal,3G is not fast at all,and it is easier to unlock in places with poor signals.It was excruciatingly painful and kept turning in circles.


Moreover,it extended to the GPRS and Bluetooth for unlocking,which solves the problems of unstable GPRS unlocking and slow time.The principle of Bluetooth-assisted unlocking is:the user's mobile phone Bluetooth is paired with the Bluetooth in the lock to unlock the smart bike lock,and the serveronly needs to use data traffic to unlock the lock.Connect to the user's mobile phone,and then send commands to unlock through Bluetooth.This method greatly reduces the power consumption of the smart lock,and does not need to rely on the signal modile to improve stability.At the same time,the 4G technology has changed from 3G,which greatly improves the speed and time of unlocking.


IoT device


Unlocking with narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IOT)


Then there is the narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IOT) unlocking method that is more common nowadays.With the technical support of operators,the NB-IOT unlocking technology is applied.It has the characteristics of low power consumption,wide coverage,multiple connections,and low cost.It is no longer necessary to install a human power generation device.Only solar panels and built-in batteries are enough to meet the electricity demand of the vehicle,and the signal can be received even in relatively remote places.Therefore,a good operator is very important.Shenzhen Omni Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd has more than 10 years of experience in the Internet of Things,and relying on mature IoT technology,it has launched a new generation of unlocking methods that combine IoT devices with wheel lock.The technology of remote locking has been realized,and the function has added local geo-fence.IoT technology can calculate whether to enter or leave the fence by itself,automatically execute speed limit,prohibit riding and other actions,without server information,and can repond quickly.