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How much do you know about electric bike lock?

Omni Original 2023-02-01 12:01:45

We are no longer unfamiliar with ebikes rental.The most fundamental point in ebike sharing for ride share companies is the electric bike block.The convenience of unlocking by scanning the QR code to ride and smart parking and locking enables rental ebikes to successfully solve the existing problems of short-distance travel.How much do you know about the working principle of electric bike lock?


electric bike lock


The core features of the electric bike lock:

(1) Embeded IoT technology into artificial intelligence platform: the combination of IoT technology and artificial intelligence platform realizes technological innovation and application,and makes system management more convenient and efficient.

(2) Accurate positioning in any environment: environmental changes will not have any adverse effects on the performance of the electric bike lock, and the function is more stable.

(3) Fast and accurate billing for unlocking: Avoid common usage problems such as "unable to open", "unable to lock", "slow unlock", and automatic checkout after closing the lock, making it more convenient and efficient in the smart age.

The core technology of intelligent electric bike lock:

(1) Long link control: heartbeat packet upload status, server sends instructions to control equipment, stable and reliable processing capacity.

(2) GPS positioning: stable longitude and latitude acquisition, ultra-long-range signal acquisition.

(3) Sensing technology: Accurate data collection, real-time upload and refresh, data analysis and export.


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Omni electric bike locks for rental ebikes,aiming at the needs of users,creates a standardized smart lock solution to provide safe,reliable,durable and controllable smart bike locks for sharing ebike.