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The Core Technology of Rideshare Bikes-Smart Lock

Omni Original 2023-04-17 18:55:27

  Introduction to the smart locks technology used by Rideshare bikes,which is often concerned by technical nerds.We must know that the development of a prototype of rideshare bikes smart locks needs a cycle,and the operation also needs a certain period of time.Then one of the earliest shared bicycle operating brands,it is rumored that it took half a year to develop its independent brand bicycle smart lock,so the question is,how difficult is it to make smart locks on rideshare bikes?

   smart locks


  Evolution of unlocking methods of smart locks

  First of all is to figure out the core problem of smart locks.

  A.How does the user unlock the bicycle smart lock by scanning the code with the mobile phone?

  B.What is the principle of smart locks?

  From the launch of smart locks on rideshare bikes to the present,the unlocking method has gone through three stages.


bicycle smart lock


       The first stage is SMS unlocking.

  We have all experienced the unlocking method of rideshare bikes.

  A.Use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the rental bicycles,and the unlocking progress bar will appear on the APP.Within 10 seconds,you will hear the motor drive and the lock sheath"snap",indicating that the unlocking is successful.

  B.You can directly regard the GSM module in the lock as a black and white feature phone with a SIM card inserted in that year.Within 10 seconds,the time for GSM to search the network is not so short,not to mention that in the process of unlocking,just scan with the phone and there is no operation to activate the bicycle,so it is certain that the lock is always connected to the network,which means that the mobile phone is always on and needs to receive signals at all times.


smart bicycle locks


         Rideshare bikes,as the darling of the capital field,followed the previous road of Didi and Kuaidi to become immortals.The mainstream technology and gossip media have gradually increased their interest in and reports on shared bicycles.The unlocking method adopted by smart locks is now generally used.It is traffic+Bluetooth assisted unlocking,and all problems such as unstable unlocking,slow unlocking time,and power consumption can be solved at one time.