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2023 New Designed Parking lock

Omni Original 2023-04-21 11:59:39

  Because of the improvement of people's living standards,the requirements for various technologies and products have become higher,so various technologies and products are constantly being upgraded and updated.Today,Omni will talk about the changes in parking locks.

       The old generation of parking lock

  The parking lock is a kind of ground lock,which can also be called the parking space lock.The older generation of parking locks is big and heavy,fixed on the ground like a railing.The most important thing is that the parking lock companies has to hire special workers to manage old generation of parking lock .After the cars drive in,the workers will raise their hands to ask the drivers to stop first,and then use the key to unlock the parking locks,swinging the parking lock arm rails down,then the car enters and stops.After the car leaves,the worker lifts up the swing arm rail of the parking lock and locks it.This process is the working principle of the older generation of parking lock.The older generation of parking locks can help the parking lot personnel manage the parking spaces,avoid the phenomenon of random placement and occupancy,and be orderly.


parking lock


       However,the parking lot management company soon discovered some problems.What are these problems?

  1.Drivers can only know whether there is a parking space by driving into the parking lot,and the phenomenon of crowded parking spaces may appear at any time.

  2.If the parking process is too long,the parking lock needs to be manually opened on the swing arm railing.When there are too many cars,the workers will be too busy.If more labor is hired,the parking lot management company will need more expenditures,which is not conducive to long-term development.

  3.The parking situation needs to be recorded,including the number of parking,the length of parking,and the license plate number of the car,which will cause a lot of information to be synchronized slowly.In special cases,it is necessary to find out the parking situation and charging situation of the car with the license plate as soon as possible,which may take 1 to 2 hours.

  In response to the above problems,Shenzhen Omi Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.has developed a new type of intelligent parking lock.


parking space lock

       How does the parking lock embody intelligence?

  1.Car owners can find suitable parking spaces nearby on the smart parking APP,and drive there according to the navigation.

  2.Car owners can reserve parking on the smart parking app.After going to the designated parking lot,click to use it on the mobile app,then the swing arm railing of the smart parking space will automatically land,and the car is very convenient to park;

  3.After the car leaves,the smart parking lock automatically senses,and the swing arm railing automatically rises;

  4.Car owners can directly pay and leave on the smart parking APP.If they need to check parking-related data,they can also check it directly on the APP;

  5.The parking lot management enterprise can monitor the parking space and vehicle usage in the intelligent parking management background.


smart parking app

  There are many benefits of smart parking locks,such as the all-round development and utilization of some empty but desolate parking spaces,the development and intelligent use of parking spaces in service areas,etc.If you need to check more details,come to the official website of Omni Smart Lock.