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The Advantages of Smart Bike Locks that You don't Know

Omni Original 2023-04-25 18:15:47

  Have you ever had the experience of bicycles which can not be unlocked for hours because you forgot to bring your keys?Have you ever worried about being picked up by others because you lost your keys?Or,when a friend suddenly has no idea and just can take the ride share bikes,I can only embarrassingly persuade my friends to walk home first?If you often encounter the above small situations,then you may really need a smart bike lock.


  What is the advantage of smart bike locks compared to traditional bicycle locks? Tell you the power of smart locks in one minute.




  Compared with traditional bicycle locks,the unlocking methods of smart bike locks are more abundant.Smart bike lock which is built-in locking and unlocking system and gps tracking system supports multiple unlocking methods including scanning code to unlock,RFID card unlocking and the unlocking via backstage.The citizens can use smartphone APP to scan the QR code on the smart bike locks or rental bikes and open the lock.When there's no battery power in the mobile phone,users can use a RFID cards to open it,and more,users can call the ride share companies and tell the lock no.,so they will unlock it using the backen.Therefore,we can abosolutely take this smart lock as a smart bike lock.Unlike traditional bicycle locks,riders need to hold the key firmly in their hands to ensure that nothing goes wrong.


smart bike lock




  Compared with traditional bicycle locks,the design of smart bike lock is more concise and elegant,and the materials used are more refined,which is superior in aesthetics.And we all know that traditional bicycle locks require a key to be unlocked frequently,and the keyhole will be exposed to the outside for a long time,making it an excellent place to hide dirt.Repeated use will cause the inside of the keyhole to turn dirty,and there will be scratches around the keyhole.The aesthetics of the whole bicycle lock is greatly reduced.The smart lock basically does not have the above problems because of above multiple unlocking methods.


smart bike locks




  The biggest difference between smart bike lock and traditional bicycle locks lies in its intelligence.Omni smart lock can be intelligently controled by smart devices,RFID cards,backend.If users scan the QR code to ride,the rental bike companies would know that.So they can monitor and manage all the bikes.No more labor cost for manual management.

  Well,the above are the advantages of smart bike lock,if you want to know more,welcome to call us,the smart lock manufacturer!