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Working Principle of Sharing Smart Bicycle Lock

Omni Original 2017-11-02 19:54:01

Sharing bicycles have been an explosive spread all over the country in the past year. Sharing bicycle has become a life style or necessity for Chinese commuters. Sharing bicycles with different types and different colors could be seen in streets and lanes, which makes it convenient to travel. Easy to get, scanning to unlock, payment by mobile phone, all you need is just a mobile phone if you want to ride sharing bicycle. However, Do you know how to connect between your mobile phone with the sharing bicycle? Yes, you are right. They are connected by the smart locks.




1. Smart Locks with IOT Technology (OMNI GPS + GPRS bicycle sharing smart locks)

1) Internal Configuration
The internal configuration includes: Centralized control unit, GPS module, wireless communication module, Electromechanical locking device, battery, power generation module, charging management module, vehicle-mounted accelerometer etc.
2)Working Principle
The centralized control unit in the lock connects with the backend management system by the wireless mobile communication module; transfers the position information from GPS module to backend management system, receives the unlock command from backend management system via communication module after the backend management system identifies successfully.

The lock open successfully after receiving the unlock command. When users finish riding and lock the bike, which will activate the switch in the centralized control module;then the wireless communication module in the centralized control module inform the backend management system to lock the bicycle; the backend management system confirm then finish the payment.
There is a communication chip and GPS position chip in OMNI smart lock, then the lock with a SIM card will transfers unlock information by backend management system to unlock the bicycle. When finish the riding, the smart lock will confirm the position and finish the payment by the lock information from locks to backend management system.
2、Mechanical Smart Locks (OFO Sharing Smart Bicycle Locks)

OFO sharing bicycle locks are controlled based on mechanism principle. The password is fixed because of the restriction of mechanism. There is a lock cylinder internal the OFO lock, several rings with gap. The lock will unlock when all the bayonets are in the gaps. 

OFO sharing bicycle locks are improving all the way. They added a spring in the lock cylinder later, but it trouble the user a lot. Then they improved the lock again and which proved to be trouble yet. However, the trial and error promotes the growth of the mechanism lock technology and OFO made a contribution to the physical technology.
3.Smart Locks with BLE transfer technology (OMNI Bluetooth Smart Bike Locks)

There is a inserted bluetooth chip in OMNI Bluetooth bicycle locks, which is used for bicycle position after setting up a APP. The mobile APP will interactive with the backend management system first, then the mobile APP interactives with the bicycle locks to achieve the function of lock and unlock.

The main function of the bluetooth chip includes: position, bluetooth IC driving motor, multi types of unlocking, such as QR code scan/MAC recognition, bicycle ID input, Bluetooth connection etc. The advantages of Bluetooth smart bicycle locks are stable unlocking and energy-saving etc. The application of “LE Secure Connections” makes the match between smart locks and bluetooth more secure and fast.