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Why does the shared bicycle keep deducting money after it is locked?

2022-03-01 15:21:11

Nowadays, the way people travel is becoming more and more diverse, and there are more and more choices. For example, for short-term travel, you can choose shared bicycles, electric vehicles, etc. I wonder if you have encountered a problem when using shared bicycles. That is, after the shared bicycle is locked, the system will always deduct the fee. Many people have never encountered this situation, so they will be very panic. I am afraid that the deduction will always exist. Today, Xiaoou will come to share with you. What should I do if the shared bicycle is locked and it shows that the fee has been deducted?


Shared bike lock

After the shared bicycle is locked, it does not show that the return is successful, and the deduction interface is always displayed, mainly because of several aspects: 1. There is a deviation in the return location, 2. The signal is not good, and 3. The lock is not successful.

Now shared bicycles are basically controlled automatically by the system. As long as the bicycle is returned manually or through the app, the system will have a calculation process. Most of the reasons for the unsuccessful return of the bicycle are mainly the reasons for the signal, and one of its own. caused by carelessness.

Shared bike lock

However, you don't have to worry when you encounter this situation, because as long as you download the corresponding shared bicycle app, you can clearly see whether the return of the bike is successful or not on the app. You can check a situation in which the shared bicycle lock is closed at the first time. If it is not completely closed, you can manually intervene. If the fee is still deducted after it is closed normally, you can have the corresponding problem feedback option in the app for customer service follow-up.


Shared bike lock

Generally, shared bicycle operators will have corresponding after-sales customer service to deal with the occurrence of such things. Don't panic when encountering such things, and solve them rationally as soon as possible.

The above is all about the introduction of "What should I do if I keep deducting the fee after the shared bicycle is locked?" If you encounter such a situation again, you need to report it to the after-sales customer service center for assistance as soon as possible.