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How to do the shared parking lock solution

2022-03-03 14:11:25

Nowadays, the concept of sharing projects has penetrated into all walks of life, especially in terms of parking spaces, more and more need for shared concept input, in order to better solve the current parking difficulties, and currently can effectively solve the parking difficulties, and manage parking. The most effective way is to use the shared parking space lock. Then, in the actual operation, how should we choose the shared parking space lock and how to do the shared parking space lock solution? Today, Omni will share with you at great length.



Shared parking lock

How to choose a shared parking space lock?

First of all, let's introduce the types of shared parking locks. Shared parking locks mainly include (shared parking locks ,Lora locks, NB locks, Bluetooth locks, 2G locks), and the most commonly used are Bluetooth locks and 2G locks, which can be very good. It is suitable for use in various scenarios. In our actual use selection, Bluetooth lock and 2G lock can also solve the problem better, which is relatively economical.


smart parking lock

How to do the shared parking lock solution?

In fact, the solution of shared parking space locks are very simple. You only need to purchase the corresponding parking space locks and install them on the parking spaces that need to be shared. Users can scan the code to unlock according to their needs, and there is a complete interface to connect with customers. Backend system management helps to better solve customer needs.


Parking lock solution

On the whole, the shared parking space lock is in the selection and solution layout. You only need to arrange and install the parking space lock according to your own needs, and you can basically operate and profit normally.

The above is a detailed introduction to "How to choose a shared parking lock? How to do the solution?" If you have procurement needs and solution needs for shared parking locks, you can go to the official website and customer service for detailed consultation under "Omni Smart Lock". 


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