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How to use the shared bicycle smart lock, don't ignore this

2022-03-07 16:27:23

I believe that everyone has an understanding of shared bicycles. There are many shared bicycle brands in the current market. For example: Meituan, Hello, Qingju, etc. are all familiar bicycle brands, so everyone must have some ideas about the principles of shared bicycles. It is easy to understand that it is generally unlocked by APP scanning code, and in the entire shared bicycle, the core of the actual control of the continuous operation of the entire shared bicycle is the shared bicycle smart lock, but in the real shared bicycle operation, the shared bicycle smart lock has Which methods to use? I will share it with you in detail below.


Bicycle Smart Lock

How to use the shared bicycle smart lock

In the actual use of shared bicycles, the scope of application of shared bicycle smart locks is mainly in two places. The first is for sharing, and the second is for individuals. The usage methods are relatively similar. First, you need to download the relevant APP and bind yourself. account, scan the unlock code.


Bicycle Smart Lock

The only difference between sharing and personal is that sharing is much more complicated than personal, because it requires operating conditions, servers, databases, background management, etc. These all require costs, and since operation requires billing to make profits, so Sharing relative individuals also requires a sound operational solution.

The shared bicycle solution is relatively important in the entire shared operation. When purchasing shared bicycle smart locks in bulk, you need to pay special attention, and don't ignore it.

Well, the above is all about the introduction of "the use of shared bicycle smart locks". If you still need to know more about sharing solutions, you can go to the official website to learn more about it under "Omni Smart Lock".