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Smart parking lock solution with shared and personal options

2022-03-21 17:24:32

In recent years, the sales volume of the automobile industry has increased rapidly. Every household has a car. Although the sales of cars are increasing every day, the first-tier cities in China are still the same, and the parking area is still unchanged. In this case, the problem of parking can be imagined. It is inevitable that there are not enough parking spaces. So how to solve the parking problem, many people think of parking space locks, so can smart parking space locks solve the parking problem? Let's share with you in detail how to formulate the smart parking lock solution.



parking lock

Shared smart parking lock

At this stage, it is not only the parking management difficulties in first- and second-tier cities, but also some fast-paced and high-traffic cities, which also have troubles with parking difficulties. Not only that, the cost of parking fees is also increasing year by year. For people in the city, there are indeed some losses that outweigh the gains.

Shared parking lock solution

However, for this situation, many companies are now preparing to use the sharing method to solve the problem, and the sharing solution must be inseparable from the parking space lock. For now, There're two modes of smart parking spot lock , one is sharing mode, another is personal mode.


parking lock

Shared parking lock mode

Different schemes can be formulated according to the choice of different modes. The parking space lock of the shared mode has main functions such as APP unlocking, induction locking, and automatic payment. There're two methods of personal mode of smart parking lock: APP unlocking and remote control unlocking.

General enterprises can purchase the parking space lock method they need according to their needs, so as to solve the parking problem. If you have purchasing needs for parking locks, you can go to the official website for detailed consultation under "Omni Smart Lock".