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How to share electric scooter solutions? what to prepare

Now that people's living standards have improved, the way of travel has become more and more diversified. In addition to the shared bicycles and shared electric vehicles that can be encountered in daily life, there is also a relatively novel way of travel in China, that is, shared electric vehicles. Scooters, when it comes to shared electric scooters, are rarely seen in China, because large-scale electric scooters are not allowed to travel in China, so the main application places for shared electric scooters are still campuses, scenic spots, and large scales. The industrial park is the main one.

electric scooter

In these places, it is more suitable to put shared electric scooters, but how to plan, and how to do the shared electric scooter solution, you need to prepare those things in advance, and I will share with you briefly today.

In fact, the overall planning principles of shared electric scooters and shared bicycles are similar. Basically, they are unlocked by scanning the code and paid during the ride. The only difference is that shared bicycles need to share bicycle locks to operate, while shared electric scooters Then the IOT is required for specific control.

electric scooter

As for the shared electric scooter solution, you only need to use the combination of IOT and hardware, and formulate corresponding solutions according to your own needs and plans, and control the IOT can be controlled in the corresponding management background, which is convenient, simple, fast and fast .

If you want to make a shared electric scooter in advance, you only need to prepare two things, one is the IOT (that is, the control management system), the other is the hardware (that is, the body), and then the background management system, set the data you want, just can be put on the market.