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Shared scooter automatic rental solutions and these points cannot be ignored

Omni Original 2022-03-31 10:50:50

The market of shared scooters is very hot in the world. Major car companies are rushing to buy them and put them on the market. The users answered in the affirmative and the solution is much desirable. Even if this part is still a blue ocean project in China, but it can be suitable for large-scale launch in China. Scooters sharing is mainly in campuses, industrial parks, scenic spots, etc., it is enough to be able to win the shared scooter project in these areas, so what should the shared scooter automatic rental solution need? Do it, let me share with you below, these points must not be ignored.


Shared scooter automatic rental solution

In fact, the automatic rental solution of shared scooters and the solution of shared bicycles have similarities in purpose. Compared with shared bicycles that rely on shared bicycle locks to operate, the entire system of shared scooters is controlled by IoT.

It not only includes functions such as APP scans code unlocking, one-key return, charging information statistics, vehicle fault alarm, etc., but also can connect to an independent background server, view all historical orders at a glance, and set the riding fee to achieve a reasonable fee Statistics, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic leasing operation.



Scooters sharing and rental projects all over the world

The above is a detailed introduction to the "shared scooter automatic rental solution". If you have any questions about the shared scooter solution, please contact us in any time via E-mail mary@omnicycling.com.