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What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing a smart bicycle lock?

2022-04-20 16:04:42

Smart bicycle locks are still widely used in daily life. For example, the locks used by shared bicycles need to be applied to smart bicycle locks. When we buy smart bicycle locks online, we need to pay attention to what aspects and the problem? Today, I will share with you the key points when purchasing a smart bicycle lock.


bike lock

1. Use the demand function

When purchasing a smart bicycle lock, you need to pay attention to what functions are required for use, because the models of smart bicycle locks are made according to different needs. There are direct Bluetooth unlocking, APP scanning code unlocking, and card FRID unlocking. For unlock, you can also customize the API according to the functions you need.

2. Price

The price is mainly in two aspects, one is Bluetooth bicycle lock and another is shared bicycle lock, which are priced according to the function. Of course, if some practical additional functions are customized, the price is relatively higher.


bike lock

3. Manufacturers

At present, there should not be many domestic manufacturers specializing in smart bicycle locks. You can find some manufacturers that have been doing it for a long time. There are relatively more domestic and overseas cases. Manufacturers should be more reliable, because after all, product quality and after-sales service are the long-term to take into account.

The above is a detailed introduction to "what issues should be paid attention to in the purchase of smart bicycle locks". There may be some more detailed aspects that are not displayed. These need to be achieved in actual communication. If you are understanding the purchase For smart bicycle locks, you can go to the official website for detailed consultation under "Omi Smart Lock".