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How to implement a shared bicycle management system?

2022-04-26 09:45:34

Now that the sharing economy is coming, sharing the power bank. The emergence of shared bicycles has greatly facilitated people's necessities of life. Among them, it is worth mentioning that shared bicycles solve our last mile problem. Because many companies will seize this opportunity to develop shared bicycles, so how to realize the shared bicycle management system? We together look.



First, let's discuss how to design a shared bicycle.

In fact, it is relatively simple. Shared bicycles are nothing more than adding a smart bicycle lock on the basis of the original bicycle. This lock is particularly important. It can enable users to use the platform to control the switch lock and realize real-time positioning and other functions, so it is a smart lock. The control module and locator need to be designed, and the related QR code needs to be printed on the bicycle to facilitate users to scan the code.

How is the bicycle management system implemented?

In fact, the user scans the code through the supported APP to enter the program and clicks to unlock it. Then the most important thing is this program, which is invisibly connected to the bicycle and the corresponding APP, and the medium is the QR code on the bicycle. But the bicycle lock is also very important in the actual shared bicycle management system. Without its control module program, click the lock, can the bicycle lock be closed by itself? Therefore, the most important part of this management system is the bicycle smart lock and the corresponding program.


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