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Why are the shared and Rental E-mopeds Beneficial?

OMNI Original 2024-02-19 14:36:36

  Today,we would like to talk about shared and rental business of E-mopeds.Why do so many operators and sharing companies feel satisfied?


       Comprehensive Charging Management

  Shared e-mopeds on campuses adopt a centralized charging approach,managed by dedicated personnel for charging,swapping,and battery maintenance.This minimizes the risks associated with students improvising or mishandling wires during charging.An intelligent charging management system enables remote monitoring and ensures the normal operation and safe use of charging facilities.


  Convenient Borrowing and Returning Experience

  Campus shared e-mopeds offer easy access and a simplified process.Through a WeChat Mini Program,users can conveniently check available e-mopeds and their battery levels,make reservations,and efficiently complete the borrowing and returning process.This streamlined process enhances the commuting efficiency of faculty and students.


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  Regulated Parking Solutions

  Using GEO fencing technology prevents students from riding mopeds into restricted areas.A closed-loop operational system makes it easier to supervise and manage mopeds.To deter students from parking scooters randomly,Bluetooth bollards,RFID tags,and AI-guided methods can be deployed to encourage proper and orderly parking,maintaining a neat and organized campus environment and ensuring unimpeded traffic flow.


  Safety Management Solutions

  Shared e-mopeds on campuses enforce strict limitations on aspects such as vehicle speed,rider behavior,and identity verification to guarantee the safety of faculty and students.For example,intelligent helmets are utilized to reduce the risk of accidents,and multi-rider detection technology regulates user behavior,preventing overloading.Various methods,including ID cards,facial recognition,and document authentication,prevent minors and non-campus personnel from riding,ensuring intelligent supervision.


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  Intelligent Dispatching

  Campus shared e-mopeds also facilitate intelligent dispatching.The platform can view real-time heatmaps of e-mopeds borrowing,analyze peak demand periods,and promptly dispatch scooters to meet the commuting needs of faculty and students.Additionally,the shared electric scooter management system can coordinate with the university for operational assessments,ensuring timely response and resolution by maintenance personnel,collectively maintaining campus security and traffic order.


  Integration of Surrounding Services

  In addition to the aforementioned advantages,campus shared e-mopeds can integrate with surrounding resources.Collaborating with nearby businesses through online advertising mediums provides faculty and students with discounted shopping and dining services,creating an organic connection between campus shared e-mopeds and commercial resources.Furthermore,integrating with campus cultural activities and launching themed riding events not only enriches campus life but also enhances the brand image of shared e-mopeds on campus,further expanding their influence.


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  The rapid development of shared e-mopeds on campuses reflects the urgent need for convenient,eco-friendly,and secure commuting methods in modern higher education.It also signifies the trend of shared e-mopeds extending from urban areas to campuses.For operators of shared e-mopeds,this represents an opportunity to adjust their direction and tap into new markets.