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How to Deal with Traffic Congestion on Short Trips During Holidays?

OMNI Original 2024-02-21 14:21:56

  Whenever the holidays arrive,it is the time when our bodies,after experiencing busy and strenuous activities,finally have the opportunity to relax.I believe that most people will choose long-distance travel.

  However,after experiencing the panic of crowded places and the difficulty of moving even an inch during the short vacation,I believe you will regret it and never want to go far again.

  So,people may choose local or city tours,but the traffic pressure is equally undeniable.Especially in large cities,the golden week no longer means relaxation and leisure but rather a heavy"traffic war,"with traffic jams and battles constantly playing out.


mobility scooter tracker

  At this time,a smart and convenient electric vehicle can perfectly solve the traffic obstacles for people's short trips.As an entry-level,affordable,and easy-to-use commuting tool with high usability,with it,people can travel freely,facing unknown roads with ease,accompanied by the spring breeze!

  But,remember to follow traffic rules and prioritize safety!

  As early as 2019,many countries introduced new national standards for electric vehicles including electric mopeds and e-scooters,with higher requirements for hardware and performance parameters,resulting in an increase in safety standards.After all,many tragedies occurred in the past due to non-standard operation and maintenance of electric vehicles.In 2024,shared electric scooters or short-term electric scooter rentals are expected to become very popular.

  So,besides the upgraded safety standards,are there any other highlights for shared electric scooters and mopeds or short-term rentals?The answer is yes.


electric scooter app

  Imagine this-electric scooters and electric mopeds without keys,everything controlled by a smartphone.Approaching the vehicle,it senses and starts without physical contact.Just hop on and go,making it a hassle-free outing!Worried about running out of battery halfway?The intelligent battery monitoring system provides real-time alerts,allowing you to return with peace of mind.

  Fearful of theft or battery safety issues?An intelligent cloud platform for electric scooters guards people beloved vehicle.There's also a unique one-key authorization function,so people no longer have to worry about others taking their scooter with a spare key.

  I believe many people are curious about how it's achieved now,right?The answer is to use a

mobility scooter tracker!


urban mobility solution

  And of course,it wouldn't be complete without our smart electric scooter rental APP and moped APP,a key element in achieving connectivity between people,vehicles,and smartphones.