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What Intellgience can IoT Devices Bring to Intelligent Electric Vehicles?

OMNI Original 2024-02-28 11:32:38

  Electric vehicles emerged in the 19th century,gradually replacing manual bicycles and dominating transportation.Despite facing risks like government regulations and competition from advanced tech,the significant market demand is evident,especially among delivery workers and residents in lower-tier cities.

  Statistics show over 7 million couriers in a country,comprising 3 million full-time and 4 million part-time,indicating a substantial market with around 6 million electric mopeds.This doesn't include rural consumers,suggesting a growing market.


urban mobility solutions


  Biannual electric moped expos reflect rapid development.OMNI IoT,a reputable IoT devices manufacturer,brings surprises in intelligent electric moped solutions.

  Intelligent Electric Moped Solution-Modernizing Traditional Technology

  The IoT solution of OMNI IoT,based on IoT technology and vehicular networking,overcomes traditional electric moped drawbacks.Comprising ioi devices,a moped app,an intelligent moped management platform,and Cloud servers,it enables remote control,automatic locking/unlocking,one-click finding,real-time positioning,anti-theft tracking,and mobile alarms.

  Phone-Controlled Moped-Keyless Start for Convenience

  Traditionally,electric mopeds require keys and throttle lock manipulations.The IoT devices and

moped APP from OMNI Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd enable keyless starting and proximity-based locking/unlocking via smartphones.The unique one-click start function ensures a fast and smart departure.


moped APP


  Flexible Installation-Front or Rear for Compatibility

  Whether for existing or new electric mopeds,the iot solution offers front or rear installation options.OMNI provides installation training,ensuring compatibility with most moped models.

  Customizable IoT Devices-Enhanced Safety and Features

  Featuring safety mechanisms like ACC detection,keyless start,wheel rotation detection,sound alarms,and more,the device provides multiple layers of protection.It's customizable,allowing fleet manufacturers to add functions,with support for remote OTA upgrades.


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  Moped App and Mini-Program Customization-Rich Features for Users

  The intelligent electric moped management platform offers real-time positioning,battery level detection,intelligent alarms,and more.Users access these features through the app,mini-program,or web interface.Value-added feature development aids customer engagement and profit generation for manufacturers and rental companies.