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Why are Shared E-mopeds in Escalating Demand?

Omni 2024-02-02 14:30:09

  As of January 2024,the data and analytic statistics indicates a significant increase in bidding projects related to shared mobility services within higher education institutions such as iot system,iot locks and software for the rental or shared vehicles.With a substantial surge in the demand for campus transportation,enterprises are increasingly focusing their attention on the smart campus market.


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  And e-mopeds are seizing the smart campus market.

  Why are more campuses prioritizing the commuting needs of faculty and students?

  Firstly,as the scale of higher education institutions expands,there is an explosive growth in on-campus commuting demands.The current array of public transportation options within campuses is relatively limited and fails to cater to the diverse commuting needs of individuals.

  Secondly,the management of private vehicles on campuses poses numerous challenges.The wide variety of personally owned vehicles by faculty and students makes unified management difficult.Accountability becomes a major challenge in case of issues,and the disorderly parking of private vehicles creates environmental stress and leads to resource wastage.


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  Moreover,despite the vast campus spaces,many lack well-equipped electric bicycle charging areas and charging infrastructure.Instances of students improvising external wiring connections or taking batteries back to dormitories for charging pose significant safety hazards.

  Shared e-mopeds not only upgrade the mode of commuting but also address issues related to information opacity,disorderly parking,and the impact of a large number of discarded electric scooters on commuting.The shared and rental model eliminates the need for students to purchase their electric scooters,and centralized management and maintenance make usage and storage safer and simpler.

  Tailored shared electric scooter solutions for campuses can meet the diverse,efficient,and secure commuting needs of students,contributing to the creation of smart campuses.


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  In conclusion,the escalating demand for shared e-mopeds in the smart campus market is a response to the evolving needs of higher education institutions.By addressing challenges associated with traditional transportation methods,shared e-mopeds emerge as a transformative iot solution that aligns with the principles of efficiency,safety,and sustainability,contributing to the evolution of smarter and more accessible campuses.