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Which block is better for bike sharing? Bluetooth locks or GPS locks?

Yoyo Wen 2019-04-02 10:03:49
Which block is better for bike sharing? Bluetooth locks or GPS locks?
They all have their characteristics.

First, share the bicycle's Bluetooth lock solution: look for the transmission signal sent by the Bluetooth lock via the mobile APP, connect the Bluetooth lock, send the command to unlock, interrogate the power, interrogate the switch status .

1. High efficiency and stable release: cooperate with the mobile phone APP to quickly unlock with a button within three seconds, and the unlock success rate is up to 99%;

2, supports electronic fence detection: via Bluetooth and electronic fence data interaction;

3, active solar panel charging: built-in solar panel charging, without external power supply;

4, support wireless upgrade: wireless upgrade via mobile phone, improve performance, change related parameters;

5, waterproof anti-theft system: PC material to be created, three anti-design, safe and reliable;

6, easy to install: no special customization for the vehicle, can be installed quickly.

Secondly, sharing the GPS lock solution for bicycles: it automatically unlocks the phone code via phone, loads position, power supply and other data via GPRS, mobile APP on the server, the server directly sends the unlock command to the intelligent lock command for unlock, or the background server can be remote via authorized GPS to unlock, SMS instructions for unlocking.

1, a variety of unlocking methods: GPS + GPRS release, SMS unlock support, remote unlock;

2. Supports electronic fence detection: interact with electronic fence data through GPS signals;

3, accurate real-time positioning: GPS + mobile base station LBS multiple positioning beautiful;

4, anti-disassembly design: the use of unconventional anti-removal screws, anti-theft, anti-rust;

5, super resistance: solar panel charging, GPRS positioning information standby three times per minute, standby can be up to 3 months.

An intelligent block from the opening of the mold to the coordination of the supply chain to the production of finished products is really a problem for small businesses of shared bicycles, but in a context of so divided market competition, it is not necessary to address the entrepreneurs who share Bikes. to solve. If you want to customize or understand the smart lock, you can contact Guangdong Oumi Technology Co., Ltd. to purchase and consult.