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Bike-sharing is a new choice for short journeys in cities

  • Author:Yoyo
  • Release on:2019-03-06
Bike-sharing is a new choice for short journeys in cities.It is good to the healthy development of the big cities. 
A reportby a company found that shared bikes started the nation's love for bikes again.Now more and more Chinese people are choosing bikes instead of cars to make short journeys in cities.An engineer of that company says that since the start of shared bikes,people have made fewer trips by car.The love for shared bikes is not only among young people,who were born in the 1980s and 1990s,but also among people over sixty.At weekends,the number of the riders in Shenzhen reaches the top of all cities.On weekdays,the number of people who use shared bikes to travel to word is going up in Shanghai.It is said that bike-sharing will help improve the cities' environment.It not only helps solve the traffic problem,but also will help to make more use of space in cities.Take Beijing as an example if more people choose shared bikes,an area of five Bird's Nest stadiums will be saved.