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Develop the share bicycle smart lock need 8 parts

Omni 2019-03-19 09:57:40

Develop the share a bicycle smart lock need 8 parts


Whether it is the smart lock generation or the upgraded voice smart locks to date, all of them are based on the smart lock basic and key functions, and the application functions are newly added. The difference between the bicycle smart lock modules of each brand is not big, and the following are mainly inseparable. Functional module.

1. Control chip (single chip microcomputer): The control center of the intelligent lock system is responsible for communication, car lock control and status information collection.

2. Mobile communication chip (Modem): Built-in telecom operator's Sim card, responsible for communicating with the cloud application background.

3. Bluetooth communication module: It is mainly used to connect the user's mobile phone and realize unlocking, and is also related to the application realization of the electronic fence.

4. GPS communication module: physical positioning function.

5. Sensor of the car lock: sense the opening and closing state of the car lock, and report the car lock status information to the control chip.

6. Actuator of the car lock: The control chip opens and closes the car lock through the actuator.

7. Buzzer: An audible alarm for abnormal conditions.

8. Power module: battery, charging module (chip), charging device (solar panel; motor and speed sensor, etc.)