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What's the Charm of Sharing Electric Scooters?

Omni Original 2022-12-13 18:20:10

For now,sharing electric scooters are an essential tool for many office workers.In daily life,we often see many people riding sharing escooters to work or other journey.

What are the functions of shared escooters?Omni will show you all the reasons here.



Sharing electric scooters must be waterproof,otherwise the electric scooters may be destroyed in the next heavy raining days.If it's required that the eletric scooter can be soaked in water,the labor cost will be very high.Therefore,the sharing electric scooters keep working in heavy raining days,this is one of the persuasive funtions of sharing electric scooters.


2,Battery and battery lock

The best solution is to use a battery that can be quickly replaced and equipped with a battery lock.Otherwise,if the electric scooter is placed on the street,the battery is easily stolen by user in a short time.It can not only prevent the user from stealing the battery,but also facilitate the operation personnel to replace the battery.


3,Geo-fence technology

That is GPS and Beidou satellite positioning technology for sharing electric scooters.And sharing electric scooter companies can set a geo-fencing area for all vehicles.That means there's a designated area for vehicle parking.All the sharing electric scooters can only be returned within the geo-fencing area,otherwise the vehicle can not be locked and it will keep charging.With using geo-fencing technology,the random parking of vehicles can be stopped.

It can not only improve the utilization rate of vehicles,prevent the theft of vehicles,but also reduce the operation cost and maintenance cost as well.The efficiency of operations can be improved.Omni electric scooter lock and electric scooter lock app supports above functionality.


4,Automatic lock

The sharing electric scooters are built-in intelligent electric scooter lock.When the user finishes riding,the electric scooter lock will create resistance in the motor,and the electric scooters stop riding and the locking is done.



Certainly,sharing electric scooters are contructed with anti-theft alarm system.When the electric scooter is locked,but someone wanna move it without scanning the specially-made QR code for riding,the alarm system on electric scooters will work and make a noise and upload the current location data to the server background. 



In additon to the above points,there's a big data operation system of the sharing electric scooter,which includes three modules:electric scooter lock app,opertion background,and operation and maintenance background,,which can help users quickly get started using Omni services,and can also help for better vehicle management for those workers.Omni Intelligent Technology is a national high-tech enterprise that focuses on the research and development and application of core technology of the Internet of Things.The electric scooter locks developed by Omni has been popular among sharing electric scooters businesses.