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Horseshoe Lock is so Convenient.

Omni Original 2022-12-26 16:32:35

The advancement of science and technology has brought many conveniences to our lives.Our common convenience are online payment on using mobile phone.You don't need to turn on the lights at home,you don't need an access card when you go home and enter the community,and you don't need a key to open the door when you get home.Speaking of this keyless operation,it is also very common in daily life.Today,Omni will tell you that a smart lock can be opened with a key or without a key.It is a smart bike lock,which is what we commonly call "horseshoe lock".

horseshoe lock

This lock is also called smart horseshoe lock.Its appearance is not much different from the horseshoe locks on the market,but the design is still different.For example,the common horseshoe locks on the market are almost all the ones with direct metal exposure.In winter,holding it in your hands is like holding an ice lump.Omni's horseshoe lock adopts an innovative metal-plastic combination technology,which is not only confortable to hold in the hand,but also has a very good waterproof seal.Some seams can be well sealed with plastic to prevent rainwater from pouring in,after all,there are electric parts inside.

Although the quality of the lock has been achieved,the most important thing about the lock is the security level of the lock cylinder.Although the horseshoe lock is a smart Bluetooth lock,it is designed with a lock cylinder for safety and convenience,in case the lock is out of power,or something is wrong of the Bluetooth.So users can use the key to unlock it in an emergency.


smart bike lock

The built-in structure of the Omni horseshoe lock is also different from ordinary smart locks.The steps of ordinary smart locks we usually use are to insert the key and turn it to open the lock.If it is locked,it must be turned back again.The Omni horseshoe lock is different.It uses an innovative clutch structure,magnetic automatic induction,and the lock beam will be automatically locked when inserted.Is it easy?

All right!How do you think about this lock?Please leave a message to talk about your any opinions.