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What are the functions of smart parking lock?

Omni Original 2022-09-12 16:10:22

Are these smart abilities of parking lock helpful in your daily life?


With the country's strong support for new energy vehicles, the number of new energy vehicles has increased several times, and the number of charging piles for new energy vehicles has also increased,but the common phenomenon is that gasoline vehicles are occupied and parked. And the charging pile operator also has a headache and can't solve it,so what are the main functions of the 

parking lock with remote control, and which functions are helpful to you, let's take a look. 


The main functions of the smart parking lock:

(1) Anti-collision design

     The front and back of the parking lock is 180° anti-collision design,when the car hits,the parking spot lock will automatically lower the swing arm,and after 3-5 seconds,it will automatically rise and jam the car chassis,reducing the maximum damage to the parking lock.

(2) Waterproof design

    It's a 24-hour waterproof design,when in low-lying parking spaces,it has a 24-hour soaking test for normal lifting,and the use of precision waterproof rubber rings can effectively prevent the damage caused by rain for daily lifting of the parking locks on the parking lot.


 (3) Compression-resistant design

    The surface shell is made of one-piece die-casting 0.3mm cold-rolled steel plate,and the surface is reinforced with steel bars,which can effectively be repeatedly rolled o n a 5-ton car without damage.

(4) The charging

  The charging consumption design adopts two kinds of battery life, which can be stored and dry batteries. Battery A can be recharged repeatedly, and it can be used for 3-5 months for normal rise and fall.It takes 8 hours per charge. Battery B, using 4 No. 1 dry batteries, can be used normally for up to 8-10 months.

(5) Parking remote control distance

     Remote control can be carried out in the car, and the effective distance is 10-30 meters.


Omni Remote Control Smart Parking Lock


Smart parking locks are mainly aimed at high-end users.At present,people adopt the method of charging the balance and giving away the market landing.The smart parking lock can be switched on and off directly through the mobile phone software(parking APP).We can replace the battery life of the smart parking locks,and implement the automatic reminder of low-power of smart parking locks.The parking locks can be divided into three grades:high,medium and low.The difference in material and appearance is obvious.


The Omni smart parking lock solves the problem of gasoline vehicles space occupancy and the problem of overtime occupation of parking lot.It can combine charging piles with parking spaces,and charge extra for overtime in idle time.While increasing charging turnover,it can increase parking space management fees.