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A Smart Bike Lock Has Built-in IoT Technology

Omni Original 2022-10-08 10:47:29

What means “A Smart Bike Lock Has Built-in IoT Technology”?

The smart lock for bicycles has smart abilities implemented by IoT technology and it becomes an assistance for bicycle that bicycle is becoming more and more intelligent.That’s a great big news for ride sharing companies to launch their vehicles in cities,campus,scenic spots,urban villages and other villages and towns.

What do these smart bike locks look like?

Omni manufactures smart bike lock for bike share


This can be viewed as one of IoT applications and one of IoT solutions for bikeshare industry.Public bike rental companies are no longer afraid of losing their vehicles with previous simple bike locks which are not anti-theft and are broken easily by hammers,knives or other sharp tools.


What are those IoT technology supporting smart abilities?

There are two versions of above smart bike locks.One is for bicycle ride share and another is for electric bike rental.

They can be unlocked by network and Bluetooth.No keys and no original unlocking methods.

The smart bike lock supports remote communication control,vehicles positioning,vehicles status report,vehicles mileage statistics and billing(supported by controller of electric bikes,so this function is available for ebikes).

The communication module includes Bluetooth,2G,4G,GNSS.

Omni makes smart bike locks for bike share and ebike rental




For ebikes version:CAN or URT,and it can control vehicles to be power of or power off.The ebikes battery status can be obtained and reported to server(requires support of controller).


The LED lights

Blue light works and makes sure the correct connection to server.

Red light means it is charging.


Built-in speaker

Loudness greater than 65 decibels

Voice alarm includes vehicles movement alert and locking reminder.


About sensor

It’s G-sensor in the smart bike locks.


Locking method

We use a locking manually way so as to make sure the locking of bikes is exactly correct and is of most security.


The benefits of the bicycle sharing system

No keys,no cash,no docking stations.

Greater supervision instead of manual management.

Easy and comfortable ride.

Get ride of costly infrastructure.

Open your bike simple and safe with an APP.

Support unique IoT requirements for vehicle rental business.

Secure ride share.


Omni supplies the whole bicycle sharing solution


Other IoT applications

M136 IoT device for bicycle sharing and ebike rental with automatic unlock and lock

Smart electric scooter lock that we call IoT device for electric scooters sharing