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What is the technical principle of electric curtains?

2018-02-08 17:58:23
Electric curtains are mainly through the main controller remote control to open or close the curtains (home decoration curtains,office curtains,venue curtains).In addition to electric curtains to protect personal privacy,to achieve one-way perspective,its main function is to heat insulation,blocking ultraviolet light,regulate lighting.What is the working principle of electric curtains?

1, The core components is motor.

The main working principle of electric curtains is through a motor to drive the curtain to move back and forth along the track or through a set of mechanical devices to turn the blinds and control the motor to forward or reverse.One of the core is the motor,currently the motor on the market mainly have two types: AC motor and DC motor.

2, Curtain switch

In order to achieve automatic curtain control,In addition need to have curtain motor, also need the curtain switch (curtain controller).Wireless curtain switch can be directly replace the traditional switch to install,without need to wiring.Access to the AC220V voltage,AC curtain motor can control the positive and negative rotation,the terminal "L" 220V power line connected to the hot wire,"N" terminal connected to 220V power line zero line,access to DC motor positive and negative can control the DC Positive and negative motor,the output of the "L" terminal connected to the motor is phase; output "N" terminal connected to the motor reverse phase.

3, The motor settings

To adjust the travel of the motor,the length of the user window is different,which adjusts the operating range of the curtain motor on the track.

Each curtain switch has a separate encoding,through the wireless connection with the intelligent gateway,the gateway connects with the router in the home through the wired way.Consumers simply download smart home APP in the phone,you can remotely control the curtains through the phone.