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How to choose smart door lock?

2018-02-08 17:42:35
The number of smart locks on the market is very large,the quality difference is quite large.With the maturity and application of intelligent technology,intelligent door locks have been transformed from a single function of safety door locks into a real-time safety management system.For consumers,it is important to choose a smart lock that is easy to use,reliable,and meets your needs.Let's introduce what we need to pay attention to when choosing the smart door lock.

1, Choose the agility of the door lock

The effect of smart lock experience depends mainly on its agility,intelligent lock response faster,the better the experience effect. 

2, Choose to use the stability of the function

The function of intelligent door locks is becoming increasingly,and the stability requirements will be higher.Whether there is reaction delay,operational errors,the use of fault,etc.,which must be concerned.In the high temperature,low temperature,high humidity environment,the use effect of smart locks is also an important indicator of good or bad.

3, Choose smart lock security

Security is the most important feature of smart locks.With the development of new technology of smart door lock,the focus of the security problem of smart door lock has undergone profound changes.Network security has become a more serious problem,and the single technology of mechanical lock safety and biometric security has also started to weakened with the development of science and technology.Omni smart lock focus on product innovation,through continuous encryption and decryption technology breakthroughs in the technology,which solve security problems become more reliable and convenient.

4, The life time of smart lock battery

Battery life will affect the use of intelligent lock,the choice of smart locks need to pay attention to their life time.