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The appear background of sharing parking system

2018-02-07 18:10:30
With the rapid economic development,the growth of private vehicles.Traditional parking spaces can not meet people's travel needs,which will inevitably lead to excessive circuitous driving when looking for parking spaces.This situation not only causes traffic congestion but also increases exhaust emissions.The appearance of Omni sharing parking system can solve the problem of less parking space and parking more effectively.

Omni sharing parking mode is based on geographical location,through the Internet to achieve the nearest sharing parking.Parking space owners can share their free time parking spaces to APP management software for time-sharing rental,increase revenue,and to facilitate the around car owners.Residential property or parking management companies can also manage rental vehicles safely and efficiently through parking software.Sharing parking broke the information asymmetry,users can easily see the situation around the idle parking spaces,then choose the best solution to slove the needs of parking.

In addition to the precise docking parking needs,sharing parking mode generally equipped with intelligent toll terminals.Do not need to set someone to charge,auto-sensing vehicles,intelligent payment parking fees,and its supporting APP is able to show the parking location at any time,which enhance parking safety.