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What is the Fully Regulated Parking Solution for Urban Mobility?

OMNI Original 2024-05-09 17:09:10

  Enhancing Urban Mobility:Standardized Parking Solutions


  The most comprehensive standardized parking solution aims to alleviate the pains of the

urban mobility solution,fostering smoother urban traffic management.Amidst growing concerns over congestion and parking chaos,especially with the widespread adoption of shared e-bikes nationwide in recent years,the disorderly parking practices have severely impacted urban aesthetics and daily commuting,exacerbating regulatory pressures on relevant authorities.As complaints about haphazard parking mount and the unregulated deployment of shared vehicles leads to management chaos,various cities have witnessed waves of crackdowns and regulatory actions in response.This underscores the urgent need for both government bodies and shared mobility enterprises to operate within regulated frameworks.Addressing this urban management challenge,OMNI Intelligence has delved into industry pain points,pioneering several new technologies for standardized parking to assist city management.


parking beacon


  Parking Beacon Solution


  The sturdy and waterproof Bluetooth beacons emit specific Bluetooth signals,which are detected by central control systems and mobile apps to upload information to the backend,facilitating the determination of whether vehicles are parked within designated stations.With simple deployment and low maintenance costs,Bluetooth beacons can swiftly integrate into comprehensive monitoring platforms for shared e-bikes in cities,enabling dynamic and intelligent regulation of total vehicle deployment and standardized parking practices.


urban mobility solution


  RFID Parking Solution


  Comprising central control units,RFID readers,and RFID tags,the high-precision RFID parking solution utilizes wireless near-field communication to intelligently identify and precisely locate vehicles,significantly reducing management costs for enterprises and aiding urban traffic control.During return,the central control system scans RFID sensing bands;if detected,vehicle return is permitted,otherwise not,achieving precise positioning for returns within 30-40 centimeters.With high automation,accuracy,expandability,rapid response,easy installation,and compatibility,RFID tags offer convenient management and maintenance.


smart bike lock


  AI Camera Solution


  Integrating intelligent cameras under the basket of vehicles with deep learning capabilities and parking sign lines,the AI camera parking solution accurately determines vehicle positions and directions,enabling precise and directional parking.Users must place vehicles within designated parking frames and perpendicular to the road for successful returns;otherwise,returns will be unsuccessful.With strong compatibility,expandability,and the ability to accommodate any brand of shared e-bike,the system ensures vehicles are accurately parked within designated points,with an error margin not exceeding 20 centimeters,boasting a recognition rate of 99.99%,and offering stable and reliable performance."