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IoT Technology Facilitates Smart Upgrades for Shared Electric Bike

OMNI Original 2024-05-07 17:29:21

  Smart Electric Bikes:Revolutionizing Long-Distance Travel

  The development of shared electric bikes has emerged within the framework of the Internet of Things(IoT)and the sharing economy.As smart terminal technology becomes increasingly mature,the combination of the lightweight and agile advantages of electric bikes with the efficient battery life has made long-distance travel easy and time-saving while ensuring safety.


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       Essential Components of Shared Electric Bike Control System

  The shared electric bike control system includes components such as an ebike GPS tracker,vehicle motor controller system,and vehicle battery management system.Among these,the ebike GPS tracker with built-in IoT is crucial for completing electric bike borrowing and returning operations,vehicle maintenance,and anti-theft measures.The vehicle motor controller system is responsible for motor drive and control,while the vehicle battery management system oversees the lithium battery's system management.


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       The Critical Need for OTA Upgrades in Shared Electric Bike Systems

  However,due to the rapid changes and developments in the sharing ebikes market,short design cycles,constant shifts in market demands,and the need for feature iteration,Over-the-Air(OTA)upgrades have become a critical requirement for IoT devices.Currently,within the IoT industry of ebike sharing or rental,either OTA upgrades are not supported,or only the remote upgrade of the central control system is supported,without support for electrical component upgrades.This leads to shared electric bike systems being unable to update versions and features promptly.


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       Importance of Electrical Component Upgrades in Shared Ebikes

  The upgrade of electrical components in sharing ebikes/bicycles is an essential indicator of the R&D strength and level of smart technology of manufacturers of ebike GPS trackers with built-in IoT.OMNI's built-in IoT ebike GPS tracker not only supports ebike gps tracker upgrades but also enables upgrades for RFID readers,AI cameras,motor controllers,BMS controllers,voice resource files,2G/4G modules,and other electrical components.This capability allows for a quick response to the iterative demands of ebike sharing operators.