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What Fuels the Electric Bike Rental Market's Explosive Growth?

OMNI Original 2024-05-07 16:30:23

  The electric bike rental market is experiencing explosive growth due to the rapid expansion of e-commerce transactions in each country and the thriving food delivery industry.Particularly,the market for two-wheeled electric bike rentals is booming under high-growth models.However,the rapid expansion of the market has led to various pain points for some traditional car rental businesses,including manual accounting,collection issues,unknown renter risks,high operational costs,and difficulties in expanding operations due to insufficient liquidity.


ebike solution


  To address these challenges and improve vehicle management,operational efficiency,and profitability,the efficient and convenient OMNI ebike rental management system has emerged.This rental management system includes built-in IoT ebike GPS tracker,an electric bike app,and ebike software.

  OMNI provides an intelligent one-stop electric bike rental SAAS service management platform designed for electric bike manufacturers,dealers,and agents.It integrates business,risk control,financial management,and after-sales services,providing comprehensive solutions and tools to empower enterprises and stores,making electric bike rental businesses easier.


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  Compared to traditional electric vehicles rental operations,the OMNI ebike rental management system offers several advantages.

  1.Efficient vehicle management:One-click management significantly improves work efficiency.

  2.Account management:Visual interface allows stores to view account income and billing details in real-time.

  3.Rent deduction:Convenient operation with automatic rent deduction on billing days,supporting multiple deduction channels,high success rate,easy return process,and clear and transparent accounts.

  4.Monitoring and positioning:Avoid the risk of electric bikes not being returned or stolen with GPS tracking to efficiently locate and control vehicles.


electric bike app


  5.Score-based deposit waiver:Reduces rental risks by setting user score-based deposit waiver conditions,making the process simple and fast.

  OMNI's efficiency,convenience,and flexibility have earned favor among vehicle dealers.As of now,OMNI has partnered with over 500 vehicle dealership stores,serving at least 10,000 riders through the OMNI rental app,and has strategically collaborated with multiple insurers and financial institutions in the electric bikes industry.

  It is understood that plans to expand its presence to over 1,000 stores this year,with the number of merchant stores expected to increase four to fivefold in the next 2-3 years,OMNI aims to establish a leading domestic two-wheeled electric bikes rental SAAS+financial services platform.