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How to Achieve Smart Management of Urban Electric Bikes?

OMNI Original 2024-05-09 18:19:27

  Challenges Facing Shared Electric Bikes in Urban Transport

  Sharing electric bikes serve as a vital supplement to urban road transportation services,alleviating the pressure on public transit.However,due to their large scale,they pose management challenges,hindering industry development.Issues like theft,vandalism,and indiscriminate parking further compound the uncertainties facing the future of shared electric bikes,making governance efforts daunting.


electric bike lock system


  As a shared micro-mobility IoT solution provider,OMNI Intelligence has long been involved in facilitating intelligent user travel and government-enterprise management,forming a scientifically effective industry management scheme to address various market pain points.


  Smart IoT Solutions for Enhanced Management of Shared Electric Bikes


  Smart IoT technology aids cities in achieving refined management.With the implementation of new national standards,shared electric bikes are rapidly evolving,leveraging upgraded technology to become more intelligent.OMNI Intelligence provides operators with diverse IoT GPS trackers and IoT devices,enabling dynamic data collection on vehicle location,trajectory,speed,condition,mileage,battery health status,and fault alerts,significantly reducing vehicle loss rates.IoT devices and GPS trackers possess real-time monitoring capabilities,enabling unified vehicle management and substantially reducing the difficulty of electric bike supervision.


IoT gps tracker


  Standardized Parking Solutions for Shared Electric Bikes


  Standardizing parking assists city managers in resolving issues of indiscriminate parking.Indiscriminate parking is one of the most serious challenges faced by shared electric bikes.As an industry representative,OMNI Intelligence offers an effective governance solution.This IoT technology ensures users park vehicles within designated areas in an orderly manner,utilizing techniques such as big data,geo- fencing,and BeiDou positioning for precise and organized parking.Through technological means,vehicles can serve users while better meeting the requirements of city managers.