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What impact NB-IOT will have on the sharing bike industry

2017-11-23 16:24:46
What is NB-IOT?

NB-IOT refers to narrow-band Internet of Things (NarrowBand-InternetofThings) technology. Focusing on the LPWA IoT market, NB-IOT is an emerging technology which is worth widely to use worldwide.

What are the advantages of NB-IOT?

The reason why NB-IoT is expected to shoulder the heavy responsibility for IoT development is because of its own 'strong': 1. Broad coverage means that the NB-IoT will increase by 20dB over the existing network in the same frequency band, equivalent to 100 times coverage Area; 2. With the ability to support massive connections, one sector of the NB-IoT can support 100,000 connections supporting low latency sensitivity, ultra-low device cost, low device power consumption and optimized network architecture; 3. Lower power consumption, NB-IoT terminal module standby time up to 10 years; 4. Lower module costs, the company expected a single connection module does not exceed $ 5.

What impact NB-IOT will have on the sharing bike industry ?

The advent of the era of cellular Internet of things (NB-IoT) marks a new breakthrough in the Internet of Everything. More things can be transmitted and connected through the Internet. Smart bicycle locks, as the basic technology for sharing bicycle business is no exception.

Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT), as an emerging technology in IoT field, has been applied to the field of shared bike with the gradual maturity of the industrial chain, especially the chip technology, and with the broad support of operators. Compared to 2G, narrowband Internet of Things has wide coverage, multiple connections, low power consumption, low cost and many other features. Narrowband IoT features low power consumption, which makes shared bicycle do not need to install human power devices, Using solar panels or battery can meet the vehicle power needs; Narrowband IoT broader coverage of the characteristics of the underground garage, Basement and other remote locations can receive signals to ensure continuous vehicle online; Narrowband Internet of Things program has the advantage of low cost, which can greatly reduce vehicle design costs.

Omni NB-IoT smart bicycle lock has the advantages of low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost and high capacity, through the Internet of Things to connect all the resources can be connected to create a more low-cost operation for carriers.