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What are the application of electric window opener

2017-12-20 18:02:51

1.High-position windows: Windows installed higher or farther away, relying solely on human-untouched windows,the electric window machine come in handy (such as the waiting room at the station and the like) on need to go to the window Edge,only need remote control switch to achieve opening and closing the window.

2.the concept of smart home is accepted by more and more people, automatic window opener smart remote opening and closing to avoid the weather can not close the windows in time and to prevent suspicious persons close to the timely window lock.

3.Windows are too heavy, open or close laborious, manual switch inconvenient, simply use the remote control electric window opener.

4.From the fire protection considerations, for the emission of flue gas after the fire is very demanding, we must ensure that personnel are not in the case of fire can not suffocate suffocated by smoke, this time for the fire floor with fire ventilation requirements of ventilation windows Can only choose electric and other non-human means to open the window. with the automatic window opener, you can open the window through the remote control.

5.Indoor temperature requirements,such as: vegetables or flowers greenhouse windows, electric window opener can help you.

6.On the indoor air index demanding, timely ventilation needs to be timely, through the electric window machine can achieve it more easy.

7.Indoor temperature requirements, the temperature is too high automatically open the window.