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Welcome to a Decade of IoT Data that Will Transform Your Business-some applications from Omni

2020-04-14 15:10:13
If we learned anything in the past couple of months, it’s just how meaningful our connections are – especially being able to connect digitally. The same is true in business. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase used by almost everyone dealing with technology — it describes how “the things” across the Internet can connect to wireless, signals, networks and more.

Why do people believe IoT will transform the world? It’s all about connectedness. Connecting things is just the first step of the journey, but the ultimate goal is about information, and information comes from the data. Information can provide insights to transform, enhance and modify enterprises, which is the real value of IoT.

In our connected world, we generate a lot of data — from the processes on how we produce goods, transport them and interact with suppliers to understanding how customers procure and locate products, as well as ultimate satisfaction levels. When analyzed and understood, these mountains of data have the potential to provide opportunities to learn, pivot and innovate more effectively than ever before.

Data is becoming one of the most valuable assets a company can have, but the process of gathering the data is complex. To help power the data journey, Omni has released IoT devices.This tool provides a simple integration from the edge of the network to the cloud with out-of-the-box integration with cloud providers. Omni Partners can benefit from the addition of Intelligence to the lineup of products in our Omni IoT portfolio.

Digital transformation is happening now, and Omni partners are a crucial part of the journey. They are on the front lines helping customers each step of the way, our vision to provide a fully secured network with easy integration to cloud services.

Omni Partners are now better positioned to increase their differentiation and ability to customize solutions for their customers with measurable business impact. And Omni is committed to creating better and more robust IoT platforms that can accelerate partner and customer digital transformation.

Welcome to the decade of IoT Data!

Some Applications from Omni IoT devices or Platforms.