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The principle of sharing bike smart lock

2017-12-08 15:45:06
The basic components of smart bike lock include control, communication, perception, implementation, power supply and other categories.

The main module features are as follows:

Control chip (SCM): intelligent control system control center, the overall responsible for communication, lock control and status information collection.

Mobile communication chip (Modem): built-in communication operator's Sim card, responsible for the cloud management background to communicate.

Bluetooth communication module: mainly used to connect the user's mobile phone and unlock, but also with the application of electronic fence to achieve.

GPS communication module: physical positioning function

Lock sensor: Perception the status of the bike lock on or off , and reported the bike lock status information to the control chip.

Bike lock actuator: control chip through the actuator on the car lock on, off operation.
Buzzer: used for abnormal sounding alarm

Power modules: battery, charging module (chip), charging device (solar panel; motor and tachometer, etc.)

The applications of sharing bike, in fact, through the "bike - the cloud - the user's mobile phone" complete to transfer the information, the key is to unlock the smart lock process.