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The parking space lock is here to get parking reservation done!

Omni Original 2023-03-07 11:21:52

The parking problems can be solved!

Because of the improvement of living standards,people's traveling is becoming more and more convenient,and more and more families get their vehicles,resulting in a serious shortage of parking spaces and parking problems.However,with the development of the times,the trend of sharing is becoming more and more popular,the Internet and technology is also increasingly developed,and the problem of difficult parking can also be solved.

With the advent of the sharing economy and the era of sharing,technology and the Internet are increasingly developed,parking spaces are also empowered by technology,it can be shared.And parking resercations can be made.How can this be achieved? In fact,it is to install the parking spot lock through the parking space,and it can be realized by operating on the parking spot apps or mini program.


parking spot lock

The parking lock is coming!

The intelligent parking lock for full-time parking is equipped with a parking detection function,and the parking lock and parking radar can be used to realize the highly intelligent reserved parking management of the "wiring-free construction" and "power supply"and "smart parking solution"of the parking space.

1, The features of smart car parking system

In addition to three characteristic fuctions of diversified payment methods,powerful data report putput and dual wireless communication modes,there're also other features of the smart parking system.

a) Power-free design

The parking lock adopts pure battery power supply and ultra low power consumption circuit design,which can be used normally for more than 5 years (4 operations a day) to save the initial construction investment cost to the greatest extent.

b) Support parking space reservation

After the car owner searches for nearby parking space information through the parking spot apps or mini program (which has been set to be available for reservation by the owner),he can make a resercation for the desired parking space (choose the time to arrive at the parking space and the parking time). After the car owner makes a successful reservation,the parking lock will be rised to occupy the space,reminding other car owners that the parking space has been reserved,and providing maximum convenience for car owners to travel.


parking spot apps


2) Implementation process

Since the parking lock only provides the function of occupying the space,there's no function of locking the car,it is necessary to adopt the prepaid parking mode to avoid the evading fees of car owners.

The parking process is as follows.

a) Parking

When the vehicle enters the parking space,the parking radar detects the status and change of the parking space,the system transmits the occupancy signal to the management platform,and starts the parking timer.The car owner needs to recharge the parking time through the parking spot apps or mini program within the allowed free parking time.After the free parking time is over,the management platform starts the parking billing.

b) Pick up the car

When the car owner needs to pick up the car and leave,he can enter the parking space information or license information through the parking spot apps or mini program to end the parking timer.After the management platform receives the signal of end timing,it stops billing.The owner of the car needs to pick up the car and leave within a limited time (the owner can set it according to the actual situation).

The development of science and technology has facilitated all aspects of people's lives.Add a parking lock to the parking space,and car owners can shared the parking space and reserve parking on the shared parking app.Omni has changed the parking reservation from a beautiful vision to a practical possibility.Please have a try and test of Omni's smart parking system.